We all know that there are a lot of mortgage companies out there. But how do you know which company to choose? Some companies have flashy advertisements about snabblån low interest rates, but are they really the best company to choose? A mortgage is a very large investment, so the company that you choose has to be the best company out there for you. As a mortgage expert, I can give you a few tips when choosing a mortgage company. 1. Watch out for interest rates. Some companies have higher interest rates than others. Choose the company with the best interest rate for you (usually the lowest, but not always). Be careful of special promotions that have hidden fees. Don’t get sucked in by an extremely low interest rate. Be sure you know everything involved with that interest rate. Be sure to check things out and understand the terms of the interest. If you do this, you will have a much better chance of getting a nice interest rate that you and your family are comfortable with.

  1. Be sure to know all of the fees. Some mortgage companies have hidden fees, or they tack on additional costs. Don’t get stuck paying extremely large fees. Once again, companies will try to hide behind low interest rates, but then they will stick you with several large fees. Don’t fall for it!

  2. Be mindful of the application and appraisal fees. You want to get the lowest fee possible with the highest quality service. Some mortgage companies charge insane amounts for applications and appraisals. Charging a lot does not necessarily mean that they are worthwhile companies. The best service, for the lowest price is always the best way to go!

  3. Finally, and most important of all, is the service. Some companies are not committed to their customers. A Mortgage company that gives you terrible service, but extremely low rates is not the best company out there. Watch out for companies with quite a few different contacts. One on one customer service is the best. You want a mortgage company that cares and is willing to get to know you and your needs. How a mortgage company presents itself to its customers, and how it handles them is a reflection of the kind of company it is. A company that has lousy service, rude representatives, and little customer interaction is not the company for you. A quality company will be attentive to your needs because you are the customer, and you are what is most important.

Choosing a mortgage company may seem like a daunting task. Just remember to keep costs in mind. The most expensive is not always the best, nor is the cheapest always the best. Keep in mind service. Service is the most accurate representation of a company. If you follow these simple tasks I am positive that you will choose the best mortgage company for you and your family.

4 Cheap Handmade Birthday Presents

Fri 06 January 2017 by Fausto

Cheap handmade birthday gift ideas include a birthday card, a framed scrapbook photo page, a customized mug, and a brief life story of the celebrant. influencer marketing Instead of purchasing a gift from the shop to offer to a special someone who is about to celebrate her or his birthday, you can make it more meaningful by creating the gift yourself. With only a few affordable items, you can create a gift that will be priceless to the recipient.

Birthday card Give the birthday celebrant a card which you created yourself. Buy a few sheets of construction paper, a few stampers, stickers, crayons or markers. Then, bring out your artistic talent and make a birthday card. All you have to do is fold one of the construction papers in two, and then beautify the card. Choose 1 or 2 of your favorite greetings and write these in the card. You may also make your personal greetings particularly for the celebrant. Then, beautify the card with stickers, stampers, glitters and whatever other embellishments you have. Envelopes are also affordable, and you can place the card in an envelope or just hand it as it is personally to the birthday celebrant.

Framed scrapbook photo page One of the ideal unique birthday gift ideas is to create a scrapbook photograph page for the birthday girl or boy. In this gift project, gather some of the best photos of the birthday celebrant and choose a theme, including friends, family, or birthday. Then, buy a decorated construction paper from the craft store, or you can also get one of those attractive scrapbook papers. Arrange the photos and glue them to the paper to keep them in place. Add adornments to your work, just as you would with a scrapbook page. Utilize stickers, glitters, and different types of ornaments that would relate to your selected theme. You can simply find these items in the scrapbook part of the craft store. After you’re done with the decorating, have this framed and give it to the celebrant. She or he may hang this on the wall or place it on his office table.

Personalized mug Go to a thrift shop or dollar store, and buy a clear glass mug. If you don’t have paints at home, buy a few colors and a paintbrush. Then, paint the nickname of the celebrant on the side of the mug, along with different decorations. Since the paint on the mug may not be safe in the dishwasher, this gift would serve as a decoration or as a holder for pencils on the desk of the birthday celebrant.

Short life story of the celebrant What could be more unique and personal than giving the birthday celebrant a brief account of his life from your own perspective? Draft your story on a piece of paper and be sure to add some funny lines, too. Then, type this on your personal computer and print this on a colorful and beautiful printing paper. Include in the page some relevant clip arts and photos of the celebrant, as well. Then, frame the paper and present it to the birthday celebrant. Rather than this type of gift, you may also utilize a favorite poem that relates to the birthday celebrant, or history or some enjoyable facts about the recipient.

You do not need a lot of talent to make any of these projects. Any gift that has been made from the heart is worth more than any expensive items money can buy.

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Complications From Migraine Headaches And Their Treatment

Fri 09 December 2016 by Fausto

Pain is not the only complication from migraine headaches…Sometimes the treatments can create some new ones.

On their own, migraine headaches can do a lot to test our tolerance for pain, without any help from the rest of our bodies.

One big concern for migraine sufferers should be the risk of developing other serious conditions as a result: https://www.nhsheroes.co.uk/

We need to be on a mission to find ways to control and prevent migraines from threatening our lifestyles,  and improve our overall health

If  you’ve lived with migraines (whether you’re being treated or not), it is recommended that you speak to your physician about examining or testing you for the possibility of other conditions.

Complications related to migraine treatment include the following:

  • Rebound headaches – Medications for migraines are meant to be taken to relieve the pain at the first sign of migraine.
When you take them too often it can lead to even more headaches. Ask your doctor to check if you need a lower dose or a more powerful medication that is used less often.
  • Abdominal problems – Over the counter medications are tempting to try when you have a migraine. However, chronic use of pain relievers at high doses, especially Aspirin, as well as Acetaminophen (found in Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) can lead to bowel problems and stomach ulcers.
  • Serotonin syndrome – This is a rare condition but requires monitoring.   Some migraine medications may have negative interactions when taken with antidepressants that affect the levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the blood.
  • Reynaud’s Syndrome, is a crippling condition of the hands and feet caused by the narrowing of blood vessels, which interferes with  blood flow to those body parts. When the hands and feet are exposed to cold, fingers and toes may get purple or deep red, and movement may become extremely painful.
Unfortunately, one type of medication used to treat migraine, called Beta Blockers, may constrict the blood vessels even more, worsening the Reynaud’s.

There is another type of medication, however, that can be used to treat Reynaud’s as well as migraines. These are called Calcium Channel Blockers, and research has indicated good results.

Biofeedback, used either alone or combined with medication, has also provided excellent relief for patients suffering from both of these conditions.

The migraines themselves can create other complications:

  • Chronic Fatigue and Depression (which often go hand in hand) may develop, by extension, in response to the nature and frequency of migraines in some people.
  • Asthma and migraine headaches share some substances (neurotransmitters)  released by the body which cause inflammation. Researchers are focusing on whether the common elements may cause a patient with either condition to be more susceptible to the other.
  • Sleep problems – Insomnia or sleepwalking may be a result of a similar decrease in the neurotransmitters serotonin and noradrenaline (which are needed to support health) experienced by people with migraines.
  • Heart complications – Pain in any part of the body causes an increase in heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure, which in turn increases the risk of heart attacks and stroke.
A “holistic” approach to treatment, which takes the “whole” of the person into consideration, is always the best way to diagnose and treat migraines, as well as many other medical conditions.

Keep the lines of communication with your health care provider open, and share a thorough medical history, along with the names of your past and current medications (including any “natural” or herbal supplements).

And, look for upcoming articles about some easy dietary changes that can help diminish not only the migraine headaches, but also their intensity.

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Take Aways She Lived in a Shoe

Wed 07 December 2016 by Fausto

NMX 2013 – Las Vegas, Nv.

Picture this in your head.  It’s Saturday night.  I have arrived in Las Vegas. Alone. Completely alone. I have come to town to do the thing I suck at the most. I am here to network and be social. Naturally, this all leads to total confusion in my head. Also, I can’t find any pants, except my yoga pants. Gather App You know, the ones I wear when I’m not doing yoga. Also the ones I swore I wouldn’t wear to the conference. Standards folks, embrace them.

I am far too freaked out to go to the Rio, the casino where the event will be held. So instead, after standing in my room and changing outfits 19 times so I can look good for the express purpose of NOT seeing anyone,  I head to my old stomping grounds from back when when I was a local, The Orleans casino. And I feel good about it all. I have a drink, I watch The Clippers destroy Golden State and then I go and sit happily alone at the counter of the oyster bar and indulge in a nice rich shrimp and crab pan roast. (Sorry Kale.)

I finally feel like I will be able to network! And so I do! I proceed to practice my patter on a random casino patron who, it turns out, is a mailman from Santa Monica. Look at me go! I clearly do so well when there is nothing at stake.

The next morning is a different story all together. Sunday am found me sitting awkwardly in the “Lounge” area of the Rio convention center at a table with a highly disparate group of strangers who were all here to attend the conference and wishing I had made time for that one important

Bloody Mary

cup of coffee.

At first, nobody  is saying anything to anybody. Then,  Deb Ng, the community manager for NMX who was clearly there to facilitate people with my particular subset of special needs, came over and patiently led us through “Kindergarten Communication Skills” class. And because she’s good at her job, it was reasonable successful, and I found myself actually asking someone the question, “So, what do you do and what are you here to get out the convention?” And then the top of my head blew off.

*(To give you a little context, one of my best friends on earth had been at her job for about 6 years before I had to call and ask her, “Listen, I have to list you as a reference for something, so what is it that you actually do? You know, for work?” I don’t if I ever would have asked her if not for that document).

I genuinely don’t think I have ever asked anybody that question. It seems rude somehow, as if their value as a human being is going to be assessed based on their answer. I don’t like it. It’s classist. See why I’m bad at networking?

But all that aside,  networking is also the very life’s blood of events like this, so I learned how to do it, but just barely. Also, I’m here as a total noob and just interested in judging the lay of the land. Which is to say, I may be presently without much in the asset department, so I don’t want to have long conversations that reveal that. I’m really here to ninja my way in and out of a few session, making as little human contact as possible. I’m willing to leave that for another year, so don’t judge.

Anyway, the sessions? 3 days of them and totally worth it. And more than enough to make me want to come back next year to try and keep my ninja skills in top form.

The first talk I attend on Sunday (if you don’t count the mailman or the awkward morning conversation) was possibly the best one of the 3 days. Dino Dogan, creator of DIYBlogger.net and a new endeavor called Triberr, which is meant to work as a blog amplification platform. I’m looking into it to see where it goes, you can too with this explanation video.

Dino’s topic was Insane Loyalty: How to Get People Fanatically Addicted to You. Stalkers Unite! The talk was standing room only and Dino brought authenticity, humor and human biology into the mix, which delighted me no end. It’s a favorite thing of mine, human biology. The observation of how much of human behavior is still driven by our most primitive needs underlies so much of my look at the world around me. Apparently Forbes thought so too, because you can get the highlights of his speech in their article here.

“Humans Are Status Seeking Animals” ~Dino Dogan
All too true. We seek status in a thousand little ways every moment. It validates us. We want it more than money and things. We want it almost more than love, although who we love is intrinsically tied into this need. I have views on this, I assure you. It was nice to see someone else did too. Check Dino out. He’s everywhere around the web. He gives value, I promise.

In the mean time, I look like this…cause I found my pants finally.

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Laptops Cheaper Than 100$? What A Steal!

Tue 06 December 2016 by Fausto

Laptops are all around us, everybody owns a rolling mobile laptop stand. Laptops under 100 have replaced desktop computers in almost every field where computers are used. Everybody could use a laptop be it to watch movies, create a presentation or just browse the internet. With the advent of Web 2.0 the need of an affordable computer to stay in touch has only increased.

A laptop under 100  is compact, lightweight and affordable too. But not all of these laptops are affordable. Some laptops are steeply priced while some do not cost as much. However it is a real challenge to find a laptop that would cost less than $ 100. Here are a couple of laptops that cost less than $ 100.

• The Mininote Alpha 400 – the mininote is manufactured by a Chinese company and costs close to a $ 100. For a laptop under 100 bucks what you get is fairly reasonable.
It has 400Mhz 32 bit CPU, Linux 2.4 OS and 128 MB of internal memory. It also features a 7 inch digital screen with a resolution of 800 X 480.It comes with 1GB flash storage, Ethernet and wireless adaptor built-in

• Dell latitude D600 – You could get second hand dell latitude D600 for something close to 100 bucks. The dell latitude has a fairly good processor in the form of an Intel Pentium M 1.6 GHz with 512 Mb of internal memory. The internal memory can be upgraded to up to 2 GB. It also has a small 30 GB Hard drive which is much better than the mininote’s flash storage. It has a 14 inch screen with built in wireless adaptor. It has a battery life of up to 2 hours and an ATI Mobility Radeon card too.

• XO laptop – You could also consider purchasing the XO laptop. This laptop was built for the one laptop per child foundation to provide affordable computers to children around the world. The laptop under 100  was never meant for commercial production and sale however under the give one get one program many users could buy one for $ 300 and on their behalf another laptop was donated to a child somewhere around the world. But this was a charity drive. You could get your hands on one of these if you search EBay. It has a 433MHz AMD processor, 7.5 inch reflective LCD screen, 256 Mb memory and wireless networking.

You could also choose to buy second hand laptops or refurbished laptops. The refurbished laptop offered by manufacturers themselves also comes along with a warranty.

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