4 Cheap Handmade Birthday Presents

Fri 06 January 2017 by Fausto

Cheap handmade birthday gift ideas include a birthday card, a framed scrapbook photo page, a customized mug, and a brief life story of the celebrant. influencer marketing Instead of purchasing a gift from the shop to offer to a special someone who is about to celebrate her or his birthday, you can make it more meaningful by creating the gift yourself. With only a few affordable items, you can create a gift that will be priceless to the recipient.

Birthday card Give the birthday celebrant a card which you created yourself. Buy a few sheets of construction paper, a few stampers, stickers, crayons or markers. Then, bring out your artistic talent and make a birthday card. All you have to do is fold one of the construction papers in two, and then beautify the card. Choose 1 or 2 of your favorite greetings and write these in the card. You may also make your personal greetings particularly for the celebrant. Then, beautify the card with stickers, stampers, glitters and whatever other embellishments you have. Envelopes are also affordable, and you can place the card in an envelope or just hand it as it is personally to the birthday celebrant.

Framed scrapbook photo page One of the ideal unique birthday gift ideas is to create a scrapbook photograph page for the birthday girl or boy. In this gift project, gather some of the best photos of the birthday celebrant and choose a theme, including friends, family, or birthday. Then, buy a decorated construction paper from the craft store, or you can also get one of those attractive scrapbook papers. Arrange the photos and glue them to the paper to keep them in place. Add adornments to your work, just as you would with a scrapbook page. Utilize stickers, glitters, and different types of ornaments that would relate to your selected theme. You can simply find these items in the scrapbook part of the craft store. After you’re done with the decorating, have this framed and give it to the celebrant. She or he may hang this on the wall or place it on his office table.

Personalized mug Go to a thrift shop or dollar store, and buy a clear glass mug. If you don’t have paints at home, buy a few colors and a paintbrush. Then, paint the nickname of the celebrant on the side of the mug, along with different decorations. Since the paint on the mug may not be safe in the dishwasher, this gift would serve as a decoration or as a holder for pencils on the desk of the birthday celebrant.

Short life story of the celebrant What could be more unique and personal than giving the birthday celebrant a brief account of his life from your own perspective? Draft your story on a piece of paper and be sure to add some funny lines, too. Then, type this on your personal computer and print this on a colorful and beautiful printing paper. Include in the page some relevant clip arts and photos of the celebrant, as well. Then, frame the paper and present it to the birthday celebrant. Rather than this type of gift, you may also utilize a favorite poem that relates to the birthday celebrant, or history or some enjoyable facts about the recipient.

You do not need a lot of talent to make any of these projects. Any gift that has been made from the heart is worth more than any expensive items money can buy.